Banksy%20–%20the%20urban%20hero%20of%20street%20artBanksy – the urban hero of street art

Banksy – the urban hero of street art

Banksy's works are visually captivating and carry powerful political and social messages

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Banksy - the urban hero of street art In 2013, my long-standing wish to spend Christmas in Israel finally came true. However, my timing was less than ideal. I arrived in Tel Aviv just three weeks after the Israeli bombing of the Gaza Strip, completely alone and with plans to visit Palestine during my two weeks in the Middle East. Despite this, my ...


Please,%20touchPlease, touch

Please, touch

The Nalaga’at Center is an example to follow to get individuals to create and express themselves artistically

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Please, touch Their world is very similar to ours, but it is so different. It is often ruled by the absence of contours, colors, sounds, and everything else without which we could not live. In this world, touch is often everything. Although different, they all have desires, aspirations, and ambitions. They rejoice, suffer, and endeavor to bring as much life as ...


Papa%20Hemingway%20knew%20betterPapa Hemingway knew better

Papa Hemingway knew better

In 1928, Ernest Hemingway discovered this beautiful island filled with joyful people

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Papa Hemingway knew better "My Mojito in La Bodeguita, my daiquiri in El Floridita," said Ernest Hemingway long ago. Decades later, hordes of tourists still flock to these two iconic bars in La Habana Vieja to savor the famous cocktails and experience the spirit of Hemingway's Cuba. Somehow, his Havana has survived time, trapped in a bygone era. The faded grandeur ...


Tango – a sad thought that is danced

Tango is a sad thought that is danced, as a tango composer said a long time ago

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Tango – a sad thought that is danced Upon the news of Carlos Gardel’s death in 1935, several women attempted suicide, and Argentina, Cuba, New York, Latin America, and Europe were shocked by the announcement. The plane crash that claimed the life of the so-called King of Tango was a vast tragedy, especially as tango was at the peak of…


Hotel%20Nacional%20de%20Cuba%20in%20HavanaHotel Nacional de Cuba in Havana

Hotel Nacional de Cuba in Havana

Cubans habitually say that Hotel Nacional de Cuba symbolizes their history and identity

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Hotel Nacional de Cuba in Havana I have always been fascinated with cultural heritage and tradition in our nation and others. The specificity of a country is what makes a particular destination a top priority to visit. Quite expectantly, Cuba was at the top of my list from early childhood. But today, I will start the story of this country with ...


Never%20talk%20to%20strangersNever talk to strangers

Never talk to strangers

Imagine the chaos, dissatisfaction, hopelessness, and fear of an uncertain future

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Never talk to strangers Suppose you find yourself in Moscow and are a literature fan. In that case, you must visit one address - Bolshaya Sadovaya Street, number 10. But to fully understand my fascination with this place, I will return you to magnificent Russia, a century in the past. Imagine the chaos, dissatisfaction, hopelessness, and fear of an uncertain future. Imagine ...